Everyday life in Rhiemsweg

28.08.15 First day of school of class 5

First a music group of students of grade 10 welcomed the new students with entertaining songs.

Next head of department Mr. Kirschstein and Mr. Nehls, the principal, gave a welcome speech.

Then Mr. Reinke and his dance classes performed some dances which they had practised during the last half year. After that a music group of students sang some more entertaining songs.

The students of class 5 were called one by one to the front by their class-teachers and got a sunflower, a symbol of happiness and learning. Finally, organizational questions were answered by Mr. Kirschstein and Mr. Nehls.

The new class 5

Of more than 160 students applications only 130 were students could be welcomed at STS Horn.

There will be no real timetables the first week.

The students will get to know the new school during the first week.

Everyday life in Rhiemsweg

The lunch hour:

All the pupils in grade 5 have a lunch hour between 12:45 and13:30. In grade 6 and 7 the lunch hour is between 13:30 and 14:30.


Insel: People can go to the “Insel“ when they need time to concentrate or work on their own.

Spielekeller: It is a place where you can play table tennis, billiards and other games

Trainingsraum: You have to go to the “Trainingsraum“ if you disturb the lesson.

Hausaufgaben: You can go to the Hausaufgabenhilfe if you need help with your homework.

Bücherstube: If you want read any books you can borrow it from the Bücherstube. It´s like a library.

Pausenhof: There is a basketball court, a soccer and climbing area.

Cafeteria: It is a place where pupils can buy snacks during the break.


Mathematics, English, physical education, social studies, religion, music and science

Written by Betül and Feyza (10e)