Exchange program

The Stadtteilschule Horn is a Secondary school in a disadvantaged area in Hamburg, Germany. Our students come from more than fourty different countries thus foreign languages play an important part in their dialy lives. However, the foreign languages taught at school – English, Spanish and French - are by and large only spoken in the classroom.

That is what we want to change!

We are eager to find new partners and projects to work on and practise the languages we learn at school! At the moment we don't have any exchange programs at our school, but we started with a small project on etwinning with the International School Birmingham! An exchange program with the Spanish school Collegi Maristes Valldemia in Mataró is planned for February 2016.

We want more!

So now we are looking for further students/ groups or entire classes that want to practice their German or English. In return, we want to encourage our students to write, read and talk in English, French or Spanish!

Y claro, los alumnos de las clases de español tambien quieren practicar el idioma que aprenden!

We hope to hear from you/ your school soon!