Learning Apps

24 hours Englisch lernen

Understandability: Positive is that the words are spoken by a native speaker, so you can improve your pronounciation.

Usage: You can use it anytime and everywhere. So you put on your headphones and listen to it. After 3 lessons you have to do an update to get new lessons. You can use this app even without an internet connection.

Efficiency: I recommend this app for beginners. For people who already know the basics in English it isn´t that helpful.

Design: It´s easy to use, it´s clearly laid out, there are simple categories.

Rating: 3/5 ***

Learning Apps


Understandability:It's easy to use, it's clearly laid out, nice explanation. Usage: You need an internet connection to be able to use the app. It's up to you how many minutes you want to practice. When you create a profil, you can use more levels.

Efficiency: This app is most efficient for people who can't speak English very well. For people who have more experience with English it could be boring.

Design: It's well arranged.

Further information: Sometimes the App accepts only one solution.

Rating: 5/5 *****

Learn English - Phrase and Vocabulary

Understandability:There aren‘t any actual exercises, it‘s just for repeating. When tapping on one word it is read out to you and little symbols give you the choice to hear it again, hear it a little slower, record your own voice and play your recording in order to compare it to a native speaker‘s pronunciation.

Usage: The app is usable just fine without internet.

Efficiency:  The app offers several categories with a variety of words and pharses. Even though the range of categories is wide and covers most of the usual vocabulary, it‘s not made for more advanced speakers. Generally the app is more for repeating than learning new things.

Design: The app is easy to understand and due to the categories you generally shouldn‘t have trouble finding the content you need. The design itself with its colors is espeacially appealing to younger people.

Further information: The basic version is free, but if you decide to read further you get to choose on either buying the full version for 4,99 Euro or unlocking individual scenarios by watching ads.

Rating:  3/5 ***

Learning Apps

Vocabulario, Wlingua

Understandability: It‘s very easy to use and you can choose the topics you want to learn. Is that the words are spoken by a native speaker, so you can improve your pronounciation.

Usage: Even without internet connection the app is usable and 10 minutes a day are enough to learn with this app.

Efficieny: I recommend this app for everyone. But especially for beginners it would be really helpful to learn new words. But also for people who know the basics it would be a good way to increase the size of your vocabulary.

Design: the visuell effects help to learn the words.

Further information: This app only translate from english to spanish.

Rating: 4/5 ****

Learning Apps

König der Mathematik

Understandability: It‘s easy to use. It‘s clearly laid out. Nice explanation.

Usage: You can use it without an internet connection. You can use it anytime you want.

Efficiency: It keeps your mentally fit. It doesn‘t teach you anyting new.

Design: It‘s well arranged. You need some points to play another level.

Rating: 3/5 ***

Learn German for beginners

Understandability: There are interactive exercises where you have to choose the right words and phrases. You can take inside the app with hearing and reading tasks

Usage: The app can be used without internet or wi-fi.

Efficiency:This app is for beginners (just like the name says). There are many categories, each with their own individual sections.

Design: Really colorful. Big symbols, easy to understand. Every „class“ is explaining what will be taught.

Further information: From the 21 available classes only the first 4 are free to use, the rest has to be bought.

Rating: 2/5**