Our project week


From the 31st August to the 5th September our whole school had a project week. Everybody could choose a project what he/she was interested in. In my project “Pimp our homepage” were people who were organizing an English homepage, for international or exchange students who want to know more about our school. It was hard to make a homepage in 4 days. On the last day we had to present what we had done. Our school also offered projects like “Girl Football”, "Cooking book" or "create your chair".  In each project there were students from different classes and age groups. In fact you got to know  new people. It was a hard week but it was also very exciting and funny.


We interviewed the students and asked what they were doing in the project week.

Some students in the gardening project dug holes and dug and shoveled soil to prepare the garden for

the new plants. 

Positive: The gardening and the work outside was good because the weather was mostly nice. 

The rain was rather annoying. 

Feedback: The students had fun, because they gained new experience.

Cajon :

Students built and honed Cajons and were allowed to design them according to their own ideas.

Positive: Most pupils enjoyed the work.

Feedback: Students thought it was great that they learned a lot they did not know before.