Our City Hamburg !

In this article you will get special inside look and what freetime activities you can do on your next journey to Hamburg!

Alster“ and its Shopping street.

Alster is kind of a big lake next to a big shopping street in Hamburg. You can take canoes and kayaks to explore the city center with it. Also you can do other sports in the park around the Alster. It is really beautiful to sit in the park and look at the big lake because you have got a really good view of the Alster. If you get hungry or need something you can go to the shopping street.


Hamburg has got a really nice and big harbor. If you want to relax, there are nice beaches and ships which make round trips on the river “Elbe” which floats into the North Sea. On some places you can go swimming. Also there are restaurants from different countries and all of them have got special meals, some are spicy other exciting. There is something for everyone.

If you are interested in ships and logistic you can watch how big Container ships get in and out of the big harbor.